As you read keep this in mind.  I was very strict for the first few weeks and then I started giving myself some slack.  I am still losing weight to this day and i pretty much 90% of my basic metabolic rate. My daily routine was like clockwork.  I did everything in this site that i talked about but I wanted to show you exactly what I did so you could have a good idea of what is expected in losing weight.
I would have breakfast around 730 every morning.  I always would have egg whites with one egg.  Then i would switch between grapefruit, cup of fruit, toast, ect.  At first I was having a cup of milk but then I decided to change to a light protein shake.  So for breakfast I tended to have about 400 calories.  Then at work or home, where ever i was at the time, I would try to be as active as possible.  This is something good to try if you would like to burn extra calories.
Now it would be time for lunch around 1230.  A salad with light dressing was apart of this meal for me everyday.  I would also switch between 6 oz of chicken or a 5 oz burger with out the bread.  The hamburger meat I used was 90/10.  Really healthy meat.  Then my meal would be finished off with a serving of vegetables.  There are a lot of sites out there saying that you should not drink diet but i did.  So if your like me and cant go without diet dont worry about it.  I still lost weight and I drink diet every day.  This meal would usually be around 600 calories for me.  Keep in mind that i was 225 when i started this so my basic metabolic rate was over 2000 calories a day.  This means i was looking to eat around 1500 calories a day.  Around 330 or 4 I would have a small snack.  Usually an apple or one of those 100 calorie packs.  Stay light and healthy if possible.
I worked out around 5 everday. I started with 30 minutes of cardio.  A 20 minute jog sometime.  I would change this 20 minutes up with juming jacks or jump rope.  The last 10 minutes I would take this easy sometimes.  Sometimes though, I would do a few sets of sprints.  Then I would end the work out with some weightlifting.  About 30 minutes usually.  I switched each day with upper then lower body.  I did the types of work outs on the last page.
This is the crucial meal.  I have already talked about this but I'll say it one more time.  This is the meal that will help you lose your weight.  People tend to want to eat big dinners but you need to make it the size of your breakfast if not smaller.  Now this meal could range from chicken to a small steak.  Just make sure you are getting a good source of protein.  Very important!  Have some vegetables on the side.  Now you need to make sure that you are staying clear of huge late night snacks.  Keep it under a 100 calories.  I would keep carrots in my house so I could snack on them.
Now you know my exact routine to how i lost weight.  You can change this up however you would like.  I hope that this helps people out there.  Book mark this page if you want a quick reference back to it.  Happy Dieting!